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Healthy food starts with healthy soil and animals living a natural life with a natural diet. Thats why we try to keep our livestock on pasture as much as possible. Animals living on pasture not only enjoy the healthy enviroment of being outside with lots of room to rome but from eating green grass and clover their meat and fat contain more of the healthy omega-3s, fewer Omega-6s, and higher levels of vitamins and antioxidants.




  • $3.00 / Dozen


  • $3.50 a pound for whole bird
  • $4 a pound for half a bird
  • Watch for annoicements when birds will be butchered so you can get them fresh for a summer BBQ or stock your freezer up for winter


  • $4.00 a pound
  • Available fresh just before Thanksgiving. A fresh turkey is full of flavor, retaims much more moisture, and cooks much faster than a frozen bird
  • Able to order either half or whole bird
  • $20 deposit to reserve your Thanksgiving turkey


  • $350* for a whole hog, $180* for half a Hog
  • Raised on pasture
  • Custom Processing to be performed at Merindorf. You pick up meat directly from butcher
  • $350 for whole hog  paid to farm plus approx. plus $200 for custom processing paid to butcher gets you approx. 125 lb of cut meat at $4.50/lb. This includes smoking of hams, hocks, and bacon

    *price does not include butchering charge
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